Leon and Ilse Joubert, owners and both Professional Hunters and Hunting Outfitters of Joubert Pro Hunt in South Africa, donate a 10 day Civet Cat and Honey Badger night hunt for 1 hunter. This hunt will be done from 4pm to 2am when the animals are usually active. The use of trail cams, night vision, motion detective equipment come in very handy. JPH Supply all of this. While sitting on these gut piles you will see; White Tail Mongoose, Brown Hyena, Leopard, Bushpig, Genet, Jackal. On this hunt you will be able to shoot any plainsgame animal that is offered in the area per pricelist. Available April-November 2022/2023, best time of year to book this hunt is August-October 2022/2023.

Includes lodging, meals, beverages (non-alcoholic and alcoholic), laundry, trophy prep, transport of trophies to shipper. License or permit fees must be applied for at least three months prior to arrival date, $100 each. Additional hunter $300 per hunter per day, a non-hunter for $200 per person per day. Other game animals available per outfitter’s price list.

Not included: airfare to/from OR Tambo International airport, day of arrival and day of departure transportation to/from OR Tambo to the hunting camp ($450).

Outfitter: Joubert Pro Hunt

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