This 10-day 1×1 buffalo hunt for 1 hunter is done in Coutada 10 in one of the best free-range areas in East Africa. Area is 450,000 acres, with more than 24,000 Buffalo in the whole Delta System. Buffalo hunting is our specialty. Also, one of the prime places to hunt 5 of the Tiny Ten – Blue Duiker, Red Duiker, Suni, Oribi, and Grey Duiker. Hunt includes daily rates and license fee trophy prep-1x buffalo trophy also included. Lodging, meals, non-alcoholic and alcoholic beverages, daily laundry also included. Hunt available October-November in 2023 only. Plains game hunted from price list per outfitter can be upgraded. Additional buffalo can be hunted for $7,000 extra. Cost of additional hunter $700 per day (plains game) and $400 per day for non-hunter. Transport to shipper $250 per client. Must be able to walk and stalk reasonable as all hunting is done on foot, by spot and stalk. This is one of the last wild frontiers left in Africa. Rifle 375 minimum, 300 win mag, 7mm for plains game to be used. No muzzleloaders. Ammo- minimum of 40 rounds softs 30-10 solids. Rifle permit included. Arrival and departure flight into Beira not included. Charter not included from Beira to camp (45 min and $3,500) but the outfitter does share charter, when possible, to save cost. Charter can hold up to 3 hunters. Note: It is the winning bidder’s responsibility to know any international travel requirements.

Outfitter: Marromeu Safaris

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