2016 Draw Dates Available

2016DrawDatesPRINTChapter Members,

The Wisconsin Chapter of SCI has built a spread sheet showing states and the application dates for preference points and licenses for our members.  This will be an ongoing project so that it will become easier for you to know when out of state applications are due. 

We have had request for help in gathering this information as more and more states are requiring application points to draw a license.  At one time in the recent past this was only occurring in select states or premier units within a state that required the preference points.  It is becoming more and more units and states that are managing their states resources through limited licenses.  

In a few situations outfitters that have been supportive of the chapter, have suggested this information for our membership as they are witnesses to the frustration that you have shown not knowing that preference points were needed to draw the license.  There are many of you that would like to hunt with these outfitters but do not have preference points to draw in a current year tag.

Review this information and please let us know if there are other states that you are interested in so that we can add those states to this list.  Fortunately, there are still a few states that allow preference point purchases now for your future use.  Check out Montana, Pennsylvania, Vermont, Wyoming and don’t forget Wisconsin too.

Click Here for a downloadable PDF sheet listing all the information you’ll need.  You can click on the website diectly from the form.

Thanks for your support and Good Hunting!