Congratulations SCI-Wisconsin on a Fantastic 2018 Banquet!

Thank you to all who attended this year’s banquet. The way that this group supports the sport of hunting is incredible and you all should be proud of what we accomplish. The Banquet committee works hard to bring you the best banquet we can and tries to bring some new things each year. This year we added the ladies luncheon. All of those attending seemed to have enjoyed themselves and had a nice time. I would like you to keep this event in mind next year if you missed out this year. Like most things we do, they only get bigger and better with time. I heard from a lot of ladies that they wished they would have gone to the lunch, don’t let that be you (or your wife) next year. The Craig Boddington Breakfast was also a big hit – almost 60 people for breakfast was a great showing. We are trying to make the SCI-WI banquet a weekend event with something for everyone. We hope you appreciate our efforts and make plans to join us for the weekend next year.

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