2019 Banquet Seminars

Saturday, February 23rd 11 a.m.—FREE!

Discover Raging Boars of Bear Mountain.

What is it about those “Crazy” Boars that have drawn Hunters into Great Northern Forest to Hunt and Slay this Prehistoric “Ice Age” Beast.

Join Greg Johnson the “Moose Man” as you Discover the thrills and excitement of going Head-to-Head with the “Bad Boys” of the Great White North.

Explore the Hidden Valleys and Bedrock Ridges as you track your Boar into the dark timber. Learn the tips, tricks and secrets of pursuing a Beast that just might hunt you back.

All “Funning” aside, you will experience the four seasons of Bear Mountain and the pros and cons of different hunting styles and what weapon works best for you to successfully Slay your Raging Boar.

Come to the seminar and experience a taste of Bear Mountain’s unique wilderness experience.

Saturday, February 23rd 12p.m.—FREE!

Pewaukee Veterinary Service

Emergency Veterinary Field Care for your Hunting and Stay-At-Home Dogs

Pewaukee Veterinary Clinic will present do’s and don’ts on how to take care of our faithful companions when an emergency strikes. Randy and Jeff Schuette, both hunters and veterinarians, will take us step by step on how to not only avoid problems in the field, but what to do when an emergency happens. Certainly any dog owner would benefit from this information and will come away from this seminar with a wealth of canine home and field care knowledge.

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