Chris Vosloo donated this very special hunt for a trophy Cape Buffalo in South Africa. Included in this hunt are the trophy fees for 1x Trophy Cape buffalo, 6 Hunting days, 1×1 guided safari for 1 hunter. Method of take is with rifle or bow. Schedule this hunt for open dates in 2024/ 2025. All so included are accommodation, full safari staff, meals, trophy fees for donated species, one hunting license per hunter, field prep of your trophies. Hunt can be upgraded and extended per the outfitters current price list. Additional hunters, non-hunters and trophies are always welcome. Please allow extra days for hunting and travelling. Not included are day of arrival and Day of Departure of $350 per day. Before and after hunt expenses, flights, airport transfer fee, 15% Government Vat on the value of the package, firearms permit and clearance, dip and pack, shipping of the trophies and gratuities. No donated hunts may be taken back-to-back. If a client buys more than 1 donated hunts it must be taken on alternative years. No Donated animals will be refunded or swapped out. Note: It is the winning bidder’s responsibility to know any international travel requirements.

Outfitter: Vos and Co Safari

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