After years of research and development, Best of the West has truly redefined what was considered a long range muzzleloader. It started with a non-saboted ballistic-tipped bullet, which eliminated the “unexplainable fliers”. The next step was the ignition system and the most ingenious part. Our patent-pending Express Priming System is reusable, magazine fed brass inserts much like a center-fire rifle. The magazine can hold 5 primed inserts and they can be re-primed up to 10 times. The side discharge muzzle brake reduces recoil and sends smoke to the sides for a clear view downrange. The crown design allows the Blackhorn 209 to flow freely without spilling and the conical base bullet to perform at maximum accuracy carrying 1000 ft-lbs. of kinetic energy at 800 yards. The system is topped with a Huskemaw Optics Blue Diamond Series 3-12×42 scope with patented wind hold technology. This revolutionary turnkey systems comes in a TSA-approved case, short starter, 24 bullets, 6 re-usable priming inserts, 6 powder tubes, primer removal tool, insert priming tool, compact belt pouch and breech plug removal tool.