Canada Barren Gorund Muskox Hunt

8 day, 1×1, barren gorund muskox hunt for 1 to be taken Spring 2023/2024 (possibly 2022). Trophy fee and prep, lodging included. Hunt can be upgraded for arctic wolf/wolverine (3850 + 55 GST). Cost of additional hunter 12,840 + AWRF $250 + admin $192 + 5%. Transportation of trophy to shipper is not included. License/permit required ($63 + 572.50). Rifle or bow recommended, no handguns.

NOT INCLUDED: Travel Bundle 3240.00 + 5%
Includes 1st and last night hotel in Edmonton and Arctic, return Arctic airfare, Arctic clothing rental

Note: It is the winning bidder’s responsibility to know any international travel requirements

Outfitter: Canada North Outfitting 

British Columbia Spring Black Bear for 2 Hunters – $5,000 / Exhibitor


5 day 2×1 guided Spring Black Bear hunt for 2 hunters. Skeena Hunt’s exclusive guiding territory is located in the Skeena drainage of the Coastal Mountains, where millions of salmon spawn each year. Large numbers of bears are found throughout our valleys, with many boars growing to record size! Color phase bears are found throughout the area. Expect to see bears every day on this exciting spot and stalk hunt for gun or archery hunters (no handguns). Wolf can be added for $500. No other game is open during the Spring season. Our hunting lodge is very comfortable with many of the amenities of home. All abilities & hunters are welcome. These hunts are supported by truck, ATV, boat and your best pair of hunting boots. We can accommodate most abilities & any experience level. Nearest airport is Smithers, BC.

The Lodge is a 1 hour drive from Smithers. Roundtrip airport shuttle $100 per hunter. Package includes full guiding service (2×1), lodging, non-alcoholic beverages & meals. Not included: hotel stays before and after the hunt, alcoholic beverages, laundry, $500 sales tax, license ($650 approx), trophy fee ($2,500 for each bear – maximum of two for each hunter). Hunters are required to take at least 1 bear each. CITES is only required for black bear, if shipped. Schedule trip between May 1-June 30, 2022/23. Additional days are $1,500/day. Winning bidder will have the bonus of bringing additional hunters for the winning bid price! Non-hunters are $300/day.

Outfitter: Skeena Backcountry Hunts Ltd

Ontario Wolf Hunt – $2,500


5 day 2×1 wolf hunt available December- April 2023/2024. Additional hunters encouraged ($2,500). Non-hunters welcome ($1,250). Hunter may upgrade to add fox and coyotes ($500). CITES permit required Lodging, meals and non-alcoholic beverages included. Package does not include transport of trophy to shipper ($150), transportation to Kapuskasing, transportation to and from hunting areas, license ($400), taxes, trophy prep ($100), and tips. Hunter must have a vehicle. Weapons and CITES permits required. References – Chapter members, Mike Richardson and Dan Kopshinsky.

Outfitter: KapRiver Outfitters

Ontario Black Bear for 1 Hunter – $1,500


5 day, 2 x 1 black bear hunt over bait. Hunt across 3 huge Bear Management Areas covering 3500 sq km in Kapuskasing, Ontario. Average bear weighs 200-300 lbs, but 400-500 lbs Bruins possible. Color phase bears fairly common, also. Over 90% kill opportunity! Spring Season, May 15 – June 15, 2021/2022. Hunter can use rifle or bow and must secure his/her own weapons permit.

Additional hunters ($1500) encouraged and observers ($750) welcome. Can be upgraded to include ducks and grouse ($500). Not included: transportation to and from airport, and to and from hunting area. Clients responsible for their own vehicles and fuel–can rent a pick-up or SUV; those with a private plane can arrange to land at the Kapuskasing Airport. Not included: meals, beverages, laundry, license ($250), trophy and field preparation ($100), transport of trophies ($100).

Outfitter: KapRiver Outfitters

Duck, Geese and Grouse Combo Hunt for 1 Hunter – $2,000


5 day, 2 x 1 guided duck, geese and grouse hunt in large rice bays on the famous Kap River, the first staging area for birds coming off James Bay. Surrounding Northern Ontario lakes also provide plenty of wild rice, which attract and hold large numbers of Blacks, Mallards, Widgeon, Teal, Pintail, and Woodies. Expect divers, too, like Ring Bill, Lesser Scaup, and Golden Eye! While hunting local grain fields, professionally trained retrievers and pointing dogs flush grouse 7 to 10 times per hour on average.

Hunt available between September 10 – November 10, 2022/2023. Package includes lodging, meals, and non-alcoholic beverages. Hunter may upgrade to add black bear ($500). Extra hunter(s) welcome for $2,000 and non-hunter(s) for $1,000 per person per week. Arrive in Kapuskasing.

Hunter must provide his/her own vehicle and may bring his/her own retriever or pointing dog. Not included in package: transportation to and from hunting area, field and trophy preparation (hunter cleans his/her own birds), license ($150), weapons permit, before and after hunt expenses and gratuities.

Outfitter: KapRiver Outfitters