This is your chance to hunt the romantic country of Spain. Jose Luis Falomir of La Espadella Hunting Adventures is donating a 4-day/3-night rifle hunt for 1 hunter. Included in the donation are a 50% discount off the trophy normal fee for 1 Beceite Ibex scoring “up to” Bronze Medal ($4,450 versus normal trophy fee of $8,900). Donation also includes a 50% discount for accompanying non-hunter ($175 versus normal $350). Included are accommodations in a fFirst cClass mountain lodge, pre-scouting of hunt areas, full board with all meals, 1×1 guiding, 4×4 transportation during hunt. Method of take is rifle. Schedule hunt on available dates between Oct 1, 2024, to Dec 31, 2025. Not included are the $4,450 trophy fee, (normally $8,900), hunting license and insurance $300, transfer from Barcelona to lodge if desired $380 pp r/t, trophy skinning/cleaning/tanning $250 European, $350 shoulder, $450 life size, vet certification, packing, customs broking, shipping, tips, VAT Taxes of 21% on total value of hunt plus additional animals harvested. La Espadella has been in operation for over 30 years. From the beginning of their operation, they recognized the necessity to procure the finest Beceite Ibex hunting grounds in all of Spain to guarantee success for their hunters. Today they have nearly 250,000 acres of the finest Beceite hunting land in all the world. Their property borders the Tortosa Beceite National Refuge. The result–they have been and continue to be 100% SUCCESSFUL! You will get your totally free range Beceite Ibex. Additional animals that can be hunted with La Espadella include Gredos, Ronda, and Southeastern Ibex, Iberian Red Stag, Mouflon, Roe Deer, Fallow Deer, Chamois, Balearean Boc on the island of Mallorca, plus others. A total of 14 different big game plus the Red Legged partridge make this a hunter’s paradise. The lodge also offers daily tours to destinations such as Valencia, Barcelona, and the Mediterranean Ocean located just :45 minutes from the lodge. Note: It is the winning bidder’s responsibility to know any international travel requirements.

Outfitter: La Espadella Hunting & Adventure

European Roe Deer Hunt In Spain – $6,390

Fernando Saiz – Spain donates a three-day trophy ROE DEER hunt up to bronze medal CIC for one hunter to be taken in 2024 and 2025. This trip combines a magnificent hunt with shopping and cultural visits. Fernando encourages you to take your wife, who will be taken with you to different historic cities, in which shopping, sightseeing and typical meals are spectacular. Included are the reception at the airport, clearance of guns, transportation from Madrid to the hunting area, professional hunter 1×1 (English speaking) and full accommodations (room and meals). Not included are the Air fare to and from Madrid, non-hunting companion ($390/day), hunting license ($ 290/area), taxidermy ($250/trophy), Export Permit and Veterinary Certificate ($225/trophy) shipping, extra cost for medal scoring according to price list and 21% VAT on donation Value. Hunt can be upgraded to, Iberian Red stag ($5,100), European Fallow Deer ($5,100), Ibex (Gredos, Beceite, Southeastern and Ronda $8,100/each), Pyrenean Chamois ($5,600), Mouflon Sheep ($5,100) and Wild Boar ($1,500). Talk to Fernando to arrange the hunting dates, and for more details. Note: It is the winning bidder’s responsibility to know any international travel requirements.

Outfitter: Fernando Saiz Spain

Fallow Deer, Muflon Or Roe Deer Hunt In Spain – $9,650

Alfonso Fabres & Huntinspain donated a Fallow deer OR a Mouflon sheep OR a Roe deer trophy hunt (hunter’s choice) in Salamanca (Spain) for the 2024, 2024 or 2026 season. The hunt is valid until a trophy bull is collected or wounded. The number of days for this hunt is unlimited, however, the hunt is over if the trophy is collected, wounded or if 3 reasonable chances are missed. Accommodation for this hunt is unique: an 18th century lodge which has been refurbished with all modern and luxury facilities. It is based in one of Spain’s most famous bull-fighting ranches, where you will be able to see these free, impressive, and beautiful animals in the wild, and if you enjoy a challenge, you are welcome to fight one of them! Included in the hunt is Hunting Permit Tag- 1 Trophy fee for the choice of a Fallow Deer, OR a Mouflon Sheep OR a Roe Deer OF ANY SIZE. Red Fox if found during the hunt, are also included. Full accommodations, transfers and 1×1 guiding. Not included Hotels while in Madrid (before or after the hunt). Hunting license & Insurance. -$290. Export permit & Veterinary certificates: $200 per trophy Extra further daily rates while hunting for other species. Non hunting companion. – $250 per day. 21% V.A.T on value of hunt. Note: It is the winning bidder’s responsibility to know any international travel requirements.

Outfitter: Huntinspain


Jose Luis Falomir of La Espadella Hunting Adventures is donating a 4-day/3-night Spain “rifle” hunt for 1 hunter. Hunter’s choice of either an Iberian Red Stag, Iberian Mouflon, or Fallow Deer. (Note-Selection of trophy type does not to be made prior to hunt and can be made in field during the hunt.) Included in the hunt are trophy fee for any 1 of above listed animals up to bronze medal level, full accommodations and meals for 4-days/3-nights in their first class La Espadella Lodge, pre-scouting of hunt area, 1×1 guide, and 4×4 transportation during hunt. Accompanying non-hunter may be added at a discounted 50% daily rate ($175 versus $350). Hunt may be scheduled for anytime through February 2025. Not included are hunting license and insurance ($300), transfer to/from Barcelona Airport ($380pp r/t), vet certification, trophy cleaning/prep/tanning, tips, and 21% VAT Tax on donation value. La Espadella has been in operation for over 35 years. They are known in Europe as Spain’s premier hunting outfitter. Their success rate is unrivaled with over 250,000 acres of huntable land. In addition to the 3 animals listed, they offer 11 additional big game animals which can be hunted—all free range! You can add trophies such as all 4 Spanish Ibex (Beceite, Gredos, Ronda, Southeastern —the Spanish Ibex Grand Slam), Roe Deer, Aoudad, Chamois in the Pyrenees Mountains or Balearean Boc on the Spanish Mediterranean island of Mallorca. Don’t miss this opportunity to experience the beauty of Spain while hunting with Spain’s premier outfitter. Note: It is the winning bidder’s responsibility to know any international travel requirements.

Outfitter: La Espadella Hunting & Adventure

2 Management Beceite Ibex up to 50″ for 2 hunters – $7,000

3-day, 2 x 1 guided management Beceite Ibex rifle hunt in Teruel, Spain. Schedule in 2024/2025 between November- May on available dates. Great opportunity for the whole family to experience Spanish culture and history. Stay in a nice, local hotel and enjoy great food, Spanish wine and beer. Outfitter can organize private tours before or after hunt. Trophy and field preparation included. Travel in vehicle and by foot. Tag ($950) and hunting license ($300) required. Rifle to be used- weapon permit required, $250. Winning bidder required to pay 21% VAT. Game that can be added per price list: Gredo’s ibex, Ronda ibex, Southeastern ibex, chamois, mouflon and roe deer. Upgrade to trophy ibex up to 69” ($6,500). Expect trophies in the 60”-65” range. Upgrade to trophy ibex over 69” expecting trophies between 70”-76” ($13,500). Non-hunters welcome ($250/day, includes accommodations). Not included: airfare, hotels, or meals in Madrid before or after hunt. Hunt cannot be combined with another hunt from a different outfitter in Spain. Note: It is the winning bidder’s responsibility to know any international travel requirements.

Outfitter: Corju Hunting

Iberian Red Deer Hunt in Spain – 1 Hunter – $9,000 / Exhibitor

Giuseppe Carrizosa – SPAIN (SCI’s Int’l Professional Hunter Award) is donating this 4-day Iberian Red Deer trophy hunt in Spain for the 2024-25 season. Included in this donation is reception at Madrid’s Int’l Airport, assistance at gun clearance and gun permit fees, all land transportation, 4 days of full board top class accommodations for one hunter, English speaking professional hunter, scouting the areas before hunter gets there and trophy fee for 1x Iberian Red Deer. Stag’s $4,900 trophy fee may be applied to other species with outfitters prior approval. Hunter may upgrade to add more days , observer as well as additional species per current list. Hunter is responsible for the hunting insurance -$95, Hunting license $295, and 21% VAT on total value. Note: It is the winning bidder’s responsibility to know any international travel requirements.

Outfitter: Giuesseppe Carrizosa

Spanish Red Deer or Fallow Deer Hunt with Sightseeing – 1 Hunter & 1 Observer – $4,100

4-day, 1 x 1 guided hunt for Spanish Red Deer or Fallow Deer. This package includes trophy fees for one animal, professional hunter guide interpreter, transportation during the program, reception at the airport and clearance of guns, a welcome dinner at a Spanish restaurant, accommodations at our 16th century lodge near a 200 B.C. Roman water dam in the vicinity of the Imperial City of Toledo, sightseeing program for the non-hunting companion every day and all meals served with Spanish wines, and all drinks. The successful bidder is responsible for the daily rate at $700 for the hunter and $430 for the non-hunter for all 4 days. The trip does not include export permits ($180 per trophy), hunting license ($280), and VAT tax 21% of total hunt value. Hunter may upgrade to extend the duration of the trip to hunt additional species including 4 types of Spanish Ibex ($8,100 each), Cantabrian Chamois ($4,400), Pyrenean Chamois ($4,400), Roe Deer ($4,300), Barbary Sheep ($6,150). Cazatur owner and guide, Eduardo DeAraoz, was presented the prestigious C.J. McElroy award at the 2022 SCI National Convention. This award is presented to a contributing professional in the hunting industry who has donated both time and effort to better the sport and has achieved excellence in worldwide hunting and dedication to wildlife conservation. This hunt may also be combined with 3 days of VIP Driven Red Legged Partridges at the Ventosilla Castle and Estate, located very close to the imperial city of Toledo. Please talk to Eduardo Araoz for available shooting dates in 2024 or 2025. Note: It is the winning bidder’s responsibility to know any international travel requirements.

Outfitter: Cazatur