Chase the “Grey Ghost of the North” – $2,500

Description:  5 Day/ 6 Night Trophy Wolf Hunt in Kapuskasing, Ontario for 1 hunter. 2 x1 guided hunts are conducted on over 1000 square miles of prime wolf habitat. The average weight is 100 pounds with mature males in the 125 pound range. The majority of hunting is conducted by placing hunters surrounding sectors that have established active bait sites and then driving the wolves out to hunters on stand. Average shots are 125 yards at walking targets. Shot opportunity is 90% with proficiency at off-hand shooting being desirable.

Donor:  Kap River Outfitters

Location:  Kapuskasing, Ontario

Dates:  December 1 – March 31 (2019 or 2020 depending on availability)

Transportation:  Vehicle/Snowmobile

Accommodation:  Lodging (8 bedrooms & 5 bathrooms), meals (hot breakfast, sack lunch and home-style dinner).

Weapon/Gear: Rifle (.243 minimum caliber, but .30 caliber preferred)

Additional Details:  Peter Martin has over 35 years of chasing these elusive predators and is regarded as one of the best in the business! Additional hunters encouraged and welcome for ($2,500), non-hunters for ($1,250). Upgrades for additional days are ($500) per day. Package does not include transportation to Kapuskasing, transportation to and from hunting areas, license ($425), license for 2nd wolf ($260), taxes, trophy prep ($100) and tips. CITES permit is required. References – Mike Richardson and Chapter Member, Dan Kopshinsky.

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