Test your nettle in the only place in the United States to hunt wild Russian Boars. Brought to the U.S. by the Spanish in the 1400s, these Russian Razorbacks thrived in the everglades and orange groves of Florida where they remain 85% or more Russian genetics. Their long snouts and beefy shoulders make them a challenge to hunt and the trophy of a lifetime. Hunt from baited stands by moonlight with night vision optics. 3-day, 2 x 1 guided rifle hunt for 2 hunters and 2 non-hunters. Schedule trip in 2023/2024. Arrive in Orlando, FL. Hunter(s) may upgrade to add alligator ($3,000 per gator). Bring extra hunters ($1,500 each). Package includes lodging in a cabin and transport of trophies to shipper. Trip does not include meals, beverages, laundry service, airfare, car rental, or trophy prep.

Outfitter: Triple J Outfitters

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