In an isolated corner of the Pacific Ocean, surrounded by a world-class barrier reef lies the geologically ancient and mysterious island New Caledonia. Islandwide initiatives aimed at both sustainability and maximum trophy potential have been occurring on a national effort have proved very successful. Forest and pasture enhancements are clearly visible, and stags with beam length in the 32+ inch range, and much larger, are now again quite plentiful again.

Seeing several hundred to over a thousand rutting Rusa per day of hunting is not uncommon. There is no limit, and most hunters take 2 or more stags, and often a bonus South Pacific Wild Turkey is thrown into the mix. Before or after the hunt however it is encouraged to take advantage of the various island adventures. Side venture fishing, scuba, and reef charters are available, the new 5-Star Sheraton Resort is less than a hour from the hunting area, and a couple of days in the vibrant capital city of Noumea doesn’t disappoint. Tour guides and day trips can be arranged.

This is a long-range hunter’s dream come true. While personal rifles can be brought into the country without too much difficulty, quality rifles are provided at no cost. To bring your own rifle, try avoiding connections in Australia if traveling internationally and required in New Caledonia would be a home state or country firearms license as well as letter from the local ranch property owner, which can be prepared. Same with trophies. Hunters fly home with their trophies as checked baggage and can avoid expensive shipping and expediting costs. Antler caps are boiled, treated and cleaned, and capes are dry salted in camp and then packaged for the flight home. Veterinary Certs of Origin are secured at the airport after a quick inspection right before checking in. Tourism incentive travel offers are also in place to offer hunters the cheapest possible airfare.

This 5 day, 2×1 hunt is for one hunter and one non-hunter to be taken late July-August 2023/2024. Trophy fees, prep, included. Upgrades available for additional Rusa stag, spearfishing, offshore fishing, inshore fishing. Additional $2500 for 2nd stag, $400 for south pacific wild turkey. Cost of additional hunter $6,200, non-hunter $2100. Lodge, meals, non-alcoholic beverages, laundry, rifle/ammo provided. Airfare to and from Noumea/La Tontouta Airport not included.

Outfitter: Rusa Island Outfitters

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