Kuiu Island Black Bear/Wolf Hunt for 1 Hunter – $7,500

7 day, 1 x 1 guided black bear/wolf hunt for 1 hunter on Kuiu Island. The black bear of Kuiu Island are some of the largest in North America. A good percentage of them make Boone and Crockett. Black bear make for an exciting and challenging hunt. All hunts are fair chase, spot and stalk.

Arrive in Sitka, AK August 30 and depart from Kake, AK on September 8. Can only take trip in 2021. Chance of success is 85%. Take animal using either rifle or bow (fixed blade, 60 lb draw weight, no laser lights).

Includes daily rates, trophy prep, lodging, meals and non-alcoholic beverages. Hunter may upgrade to Brown Bear for $15,000. Additional hunters ($7,500) and non-hunters ($3,000) welcome.

Not included: transportation of trophy to shipper ($200-$300), accommodations before or after the hunt, license ($160), tag ($450) and NRPF ($150).

References: David & Dana Bahl, John Miller.

Outfitter: Alaska Raven Guides LLC