Tim Kresel – The Big Bear Specialist – will spend 3 days with you providing a 1 on 1 big bear instructional course. This course can take place your own private land or public land anywhere in Minnesota, Wisconsin and Michigan. Tim has a highly guarded secret system to beat big, smart bears which he has developed over a 25-year obsession. Numerous guides and hunters claim that it is not possible for a hunter to harvest a big bear every year. Tim has proven them all wrong year after year by harvesting 15 big bears between 400 and nearly 700 pounds plus many more between 300 and 400 pounds. Tim also has video-taped and or witnessed hundreds more. The course will be available to hunters in middle of April 2025 the course also includes free telephone, text or email consultation to answer questions they may have throughout the learning process. – Are you ready to hunt the biggest black bears?

Outfitter: Minnesota Big Bear Specialist

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