This is a Giant Minnesota Black Bear hunt with over the counter license / no drawing necessary or a permitted zone license with required amount of preference points- generally only a two year wait to draw a license. Winning bidder will be advised which area’s you will hunt or which permit zones to apply in. The deadline to apply is May 1st. North America’s best big bear opportunity! Hunt Giant Bears with Tim Kresel who personally harvested more big bears than any other hunter in North America, DIY/Solo! What’s his secret? Tim has a highly guarded secret system to beat big, smart bears which he has developed over a 25 year obsession. Numerous guides and hunters claim that it is not possible for a hunter to harvest a big bear every year. Tim has proven them all wrong year after year by harvesting 15 big bears between 400 and nearly 700 pounds plus many more between 300 and 400 pounds. Tim also has video-taped and or witnessed hundreds more. All in the state of Minnesota! Now for the first time Tim is offering a limited number of hunts to hardcore big bear hunters. He is NOT a 150-pound bear factory. He is a BIG BEAR SPECIALIST! This donation is for a black bear hunt in northern Minnesota for one hunter and one non-hunter. Tim Kresel has been very successful at guiding his clients to some GIANT bears! Most are black phase but he typically gets 10% – 20% chocolate phase. Guns, bows, or crossbows can be used on this hunt. This is a 6-day hunt but most hunters harvest a bear in one to three days. This Minnesota black bear hunt can be taken from September 1 – October 16 2025/2026 or beyond. This hunt can be upgraded to take one bear in the permit areas and one bear in the no-quota zone, depending on availability. Lodging will be in local motels at the hunter’s expense. Arrival and departure point may vary depending on natural foods.

Outfitter: Minnesota Big Bear Specialist

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