Come join us in the beautiful woodlands of Central Missouri for a 3-day/3-night small game hunting experience for 2 hunters. This is an incredible squirrel hunt with woods teaming with furry tails. Hunting takes place in a variety of methods including tree stands, spot & stalk, or ground hunts. You will be hunting beautiful hardwood forests, along woodland creeks, and field edges. Liberal daily limits can be expected which include 10 squirrels per day per hunter. The larger fox squirrels seem to enjoy field edges & streams while the sleek and fast Grays love the mature big forests. Fishing in our private lake and harvesting other in season small game is also included. This is a wild and entirely free ranging hunt that takes place on multiple private land parcels, public lands, and leased grounds. We are the only licensed guide & outfitter hunting the pristine Mark Twain National Forest of Missouri on a special use permit. The hunting is only a bonus because the dining experience will be second to none. The chef prepared multiple course meals will include wild game, fresh seafood, hand-made pasta, and desserts. International inspired themes will take you on a culinary journey for 3 days. You will be treated to a full open bar of high-end spirits and a 400 bottle wine room for your choosing. Upgrade to add archery; whitetail buck $2,000 trophy fee, whitetail doe $250 trophy fee, turkey $250 trophy fee. Not included is tips, transportation to/from Missouri, Airport pickup/drop off, and license fees.

Outfitter: Safari Unlimited

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