Ontario Black Bear for 1 Hunter – $2,000

5 day, 2 x 1 black bear hunt over bait. Hunt across 3 huge Bear Management Areas covering 3500 sq km in Kapuskasing, Ontario. Average bear weighs 200-300 lbs, but 400-500 lbs Bruins possible. Color phase bears fairly common, also. Over 90% kill opportunity! Spring Season, May 15 – June 15 and Fall Hunt, August 15 – October 1, 2020/2021. Hunter can use rifle or bow and must secure his/her own weapons permit.

Additional hunters ($2000) encouraged and observers ($1,000) welcome. Can be upgraded to include ducks and grouse ($500). Not included: transportation to and from commercial airport in Timmins Ontario (approximately 100 miles from Kapuskasking), and to and from hunting area. Clients responsible for their own vehicles and fuel–can rent a pick-up or SUV; those with a private plane can arrange to land at the Kapuskasing Airport. Not included: meals, beverages, license ($250), trophy and field preparation, transport of trophies ($100).

Donor: Kap River Outfitters