Ontario Fishing Trip for 1 Angler – $640

Description:  7 Day Canadian Fishing Vacation for 1 angler. Wassiagomin Lodge at Dog Lake will be your best bet for reeling in trophy walleye, rod shattering northern pike, boat dragging lake trout and small mouth bass. With the lakes many nearby rivers, streams and tributaries your chances of catching a reel breaking trophy is great (https://wassiagominlodge.com/).

Donor:  Wassiagomin Lodge

Location:  Dog Lake, Missababic, Ontario, Canada

Dates:  2019 or 2020. Call for availability.

Transportation:  Boat

Accommodation:  Cabin that overlooks an 800′ sandy beach.

Weapon/Gear:  Fishing rod

Additional Details:  WINNING BIDDER MUST BRING FULL PAYING CUSTOMER. Cabins can accommodate four people. Extra anglers are ($640 each) for 7 days. Fishing license, field and trophy prep not included.

Website:  https://wassiagominlodge.com