A portrait of SCI Wisconsin president, Fred Spiewak.

January 2020
Fred Spiewak
President’s Report

The traditional May SCI National meetings in Washington, D.C. were cancelled due to the pandemic gripping the nation. The meetings were performed by email voting and computer virtual meetings instead. It is important for us all to realize that SCI is and will be very actively lobbying congress on behalf of hunters everywhere even though my opportunity was cancelled to be there in person this year.

The virtual SCI National meetings went well. Although it was strange to not be at the meeting in person, the process worked well with all the business being conducted. Preceding the meeting, by about two weeks, we voted almost daily for all the key positions at SCI National. This provided a clear winner in each position before the next position was voted on.

Thanks to all the great work done by so many people in our Chapter our 30% contribution to SCI National was $37,000.00. This was communicated by way of a short video that I sent in to SCI. The video was played during the contribution presentation portion of the meeting. SCIWI was the fourth highest contribution at the meeting. Third was only a few hundred more than SCIWI.

We needed to cancel the May membership meeting. We will be monitoring events and trying to decide when the next membership meeting will be scheduled. the board elections need to take place at the next meeting.

I am typing this article on the last day of the last period of Turkey season. In May’s newsletter I reported to you that I shot a nice Gobbler on opening day of the first period. I ended up with two more Turkeys this year. Third period, I harvested another nice Gobbler after watching him fan two hens for over an hour. Unfortunately for him, the hens were very slowly feeding towards me. The 28ga. worked perfectly once again at 39 yards.

Sixth period, last week Friday, I ended the season with a Jake. Seeing nothing and hearing almost nothing, I planned on hunting until 9:30 am. About 9:00 am two Jakes came in silently. One didn’t roost that night. Five tags, three Turkeys. What a great state we live in.

Now for the recruitment of next year’s turkeys we need reasonable weather and predator control. I heard many crows in the woods during the latest periods. They are actively looking for turkey nests. Remember that in Wisconsin we have two crow seasons. One in Fall and one in Winter. Save a turkey, shoot a crow. I’ll do my part later this year.

Last Thursday, May 21st I was notified that I drew a Wyoming Elk tag. Yeah! The hunt is on. September 1st, 2020 I will be in camp at Skyline Outfitters. This early rifle hunt is fantastic. I did this hunt in 2018 with Shawn Fricke at Skyline Outfitters and shot a very nice 6×6. I’m hoping for a bigger Elk this year. It’s time to pull out the .30-06 and start plinking at 200 yards and beyond.

Be sure to visit sciwi.org for information on our annual Sporting Clays Outing Saturday August 15th, 2020. This exciting event will once again be held at The Highlands. There will be great weather, great targets, great food and of course great friendships to enjoy.

It’s my fervent hop that you are safe and ready to get back into the woods. The Summer woods will see huge changes from the start of turkey season to the beginning of archery deer season. Getting out and absorbing all that nature has to offer in Summer can be refreshing as the woods seem to change a little every year. i look forward to how there changes will influence preparations for the deer seasons this Fall.

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