A portrait of SCI Wisconsin president, Fred Spiewak.

March 2019
Fred Spiewak
President’s Report

The 42nd Annual Big Game Hunters Grand Banquet is history. This year’s banquet was incredible. Dan Small was our new Master of Ceremonies on Friday and Saturday night this year. Dan did a terrific job. His masterful work kept things moving as he kept the crowd engaged in all the various activities we had on the menu. Blue Lights, Auctions and more were all done efficiently and on time.

Grand Geneva was again a great place to hold the best banquet for the best SCI Chapter.

We were fortunate to have Steve Skold, President-Elect SCI National, in attendance. Steve took time both Friday and Saturday night to speak, updating us and encouraging us about what the future holds for SCI.

The Friday night Auction was a tremendous success. Once again Tim Miller and crew from Believe in Auctions captivated the crowd and helped us sell the items that were available.

The Dan Small breakfast was good food and great stories. Dan shared many past experiences and the countless times he has enjoyed the great outdoors. The people he has been fortunate to meet along the way added to all the stories that he shared with us.

The second annual Ladies Luncheon was a raving success lasting several hours. Good food, wonderful prizes and great fellowship were present for all to enjoy. The exciting entertainment contributed to an event that was well planned and entertaining for everyone who attended.

The Saturday Day Auction continues to grow in the number of items offered with trips not available Friday or Saturday. This makes the Saturday Day Auction a “must attend”. If you missed this auction, plan on being there next year when it will be bigger and better.

The Saturday Night Auction once again was the place to be after dinner. The dinner was fantastic to say the least with a great dessert everyone loved. The Ask Auction Item for National Archery in the Schools (NASP) was exciting and will help us fund even more NASP programs this year.

I’m at a loss on how to thank all the people who made this year’s Banquet a success. So many members gave of their time and talents before, during and now after the Banquet that it would take hours to thank everyone. Those who “touched” the banquet know that all of us are grateful for their service. The beneficiaries of the money raised may never know about the efforts that benefit them, however, I do. I would like to THANK everyone involved! Thank you! Thank you!

A number of new people stepped up to help which is a terrific sign that future banquets will be a success.

The website prepared everyone for the Auctions with Hunts and Non-Hunt items described in detail. The website informed curious attendees before they came to the banquet. The website has become extremely easy to navigate and is very informative. A tremendous amount of time has been spent to get the information out to you for your review. I’m convinced that this effort was part of the Banquet’s success.

In the coming weeks numbers for the gross and net dollar amounts will be determined. As is custom, we will have a Banquet Critique meeting within a few weeks. The planning for 2020 begins soon! Please consider being part of next year’s Banquet.

As Summer approaches watch for information about our 30th Annual Clays Outing & Picnic. This is a special event which has great food and fellowship during the summer. Information will be posted on our website at sciwi.org.

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