A portrait of SCI Wisconsin president, Fred Spiewak.

January 2019
Fred Spiewak
President’s Report

Wow! 2018 is over and 2019 has begun. The Christmas Party was a great time for catching up on how everyone’s Fall hunts went. The new venue (Seven Seas Restaurant) was well received. Great food, great service, great setting. Special thanks to all the people who made the party a success.

As I contemplate the new year, I realize the exciting potential 2019 will have. First, finishing the Archery and Holiday Deer Hunts need to be a priority for everyone who enjoys the Wisconsin outdoors. Second, taking advantage of all the winter hunting Wisconsin offers. Next, final preparations for our 42nd Grand Banquet.

Our 42nd Grand Banquet will include some changes from past banquets. Dan Small will not only be the master of Ceremonies for Friday and Saturday night, Dan will also be the speaker at the Saturday morning breakfast. The breakfast has limited seating so be sure to sign up early.

Late Saturday morning there will also be two exciting seminars. The first seminar will be presented by Greg Johnson “Moose Man” from Raging Russians. Then there will be a seminar on Emergency Field Care presented by Pewaukee Veterinary Service.

Volunteers are always needed. Please contact me if you have interest in helping make the 42nd Banquet a success.

As we feel the full impact of winter settling in don’t forget Wisconsin’s winter Crow season. Crows are a serious predator of turkeys. They destroy nests as well as young chicks.

Other predators such as coyote are now fully furred and provide some exciting hunts. Since calling is the usual method, they are hunting you when the harvest happens,

The January membership meeting is on Thursday, January 17 at Alioto’s restaurant. I will be doing a presentation about my Wyoming Elk hunt with Shawn Fricke of Skyline Outfitters.

Finally, remember SCI National is January 9th thru January 12. Supporting national is the hallmark of SCIWI.

Join, like your way of life depends on it.    

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