A portrait of SCI Wisconsin president, Fred Spiewak.

January 2020
Fred Spiewak
President’s Report

The Wisconsin Whitetail seasons are almost over. Although hunting continues through January in some areas the final numbers are likely to be down this year. The rifle hunt in 2018 took place as early as the calendar will allow based on when Thanksgiving occurred in 2018. This anomaly gave us a rifle season with the rut in full swing. Last year, in 2019, the rifle hunt was as late as the calendar allows which gave us a season without a rut. The rut wasn’t going on during the hunting season. We didn’t see any bucks following does during the rifle hunt. Opening day, I harvested two anterless fawns (I prefer the fawns for meat). My son David shot a nice seven point buck and an adult doe. David saw a total of four bucks including an eight pointer who stared at him for 15 minutes at 15 yards. Of course, this was after he had already used his buck tag. Oops! I mean authorization. We have a great system now and I certainly don’t miss backtags, carcass tags, and pieces of paper. A guest shot another anterless. That’s where it all stopped. The deer seemed to vanish after opening day.

The DNR is saying that the deer kill is down 25% this year. This is a huge number and will likely contribute to a large herd for 2020. The number of participating hunters was also down. Hunters managing the deer herd will be even more important going forward. I would expect we will continue to have generous bag limits and opportunities to deer hunt in Wisconsin.

Coyotes now have prime fur. Winter is a great time to enjoy some predator hunting. Minimal equipment, generous year-round season and no hunting hours! What more could you ask for!

As planning for our up banquet continues, hunts that will be auctioned are being posted at sciwi.org. Please take time to review what will be offered, contact the outfitters and get ready to bid during the auction. Thanks to the hard work of John Miller and others there will be many hunts to choose from at the auctions.

SCI Banquet season has arrived. Planning continues with meetings and many emails confirming all the banquet details. SCI Chapters in Wisconsin as well as SCI worldwide depends upon our banquet to provide the funding for Hunter Rights.

I have been contacted by several new volunteers for our upcoming Wisconsin Chapter Banquet. We are, however, still looking for volunteers for the upcoming 43rd SCI Wisconsin Chapter Banquet March 6th and 7th, 2020. The areas of need include short time slots that are important such as the walk around raffle ticket sellers. Please consider becoming involved and contact me.

Remember, ask someone to join SCIWI so they can become part of the future for hunting! The larger our official membership numbers are, the more voice we get with those who control hunting.

Join, like your way of life depends on it.    

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