A portrait of SCI Wisconsin president, Fred Spiewak.

May 2019
Fred Spiewak
President’s Report

The first Turkey hunting period arrived on Wednesday, April 17th. I was ready in my Double Bull blind by 5:30 AM. Since I only have 80 acres the chasing of gobbles isn’t practical. It would likely take me to a neighboring property. I simply wait them out in the back woods. This opening, I’m hearing gobbling in all directions all morning. I call sparingly, just some clucking and purring. I have found that it produces more action, usually. It didn’t work where I was hunting on opening morning. I didn’t see any turkeys. Late morning, I went in as  rain began. Severe thunderstorms were expected. The rain ended by early afternoon. My past experience has taught me that evening hunting doesn’t work. The latest I’ve ever shot a turkey was 2 PM. However, since I needed to be back in town for our Thursday, April 18th membership meeting, Friday egg decorating, Saturday Souther 200 sporting clays shoot and, of course, Easter Sunday I decided to try the evening hunt. At about 5:15 PM I heard something walking up to my blind from behind. I never expect turkeys from that direction. To my surprise a turkey head appeared maybe two feet from the first portal that was open. A staring contest ensued as I froze bringing up my gun. I didn’t want to shoot yet anyway because there was a large tree immediately behind the turkey. I was concerned about how a turkey load of #5 shot might react only four feet from me. Yes, this turkey was close. Very close. As he stepped passed the open portal, I realized that he had two friends with him. All Jakes. Decision time. With all the commitments I mentioned above I had decided earlier that any legal turkey will do for my permit. As he entered my view in the next portal I shot. I missed. Shocked, I realized I could have just reached out and grabbed him. My second shot connected when he stopped after walking about twenty yards. Hunting is constantly teaching me new things. I guess a turkey can be too close. If we define a long-bearded gobbler as a trophy I have four more tries since I always buy extra permits. Time periods C, D, E and F await. What an incredibly great time of the year. With or without turkeys, the morning woods is alive with other birds singing the song of Spring. I hope that everyone who reads this tries Turkey hunting at least once.

Please take the time to contact your state representatives and give them your input about any bills that will impact the things we take for granted. Most notably, Senate bill #30 and Assembly bill #29 the so called “Hunting Contest” bill. We have a State Constitutional Right to Hunt, Fish and Trap with only “reasonable” restrictions. It behoove us to remind our representatives of this before “restrictive” laws are passed. it is far harder to remove restrictions later.

Remember, Elk tag applications begin May 1st on the DNR website.

This Summer, decisions are being made regarding the possibility of a continuation of the Wisconsin Wolf hunt. Since the hunt was suspended, the DNR has kept track of preference points. Should the hunt be scheduled for this Fall, May will be the likely time for permit applications.

SCI National’s 2020 Annual Convention dates have been changed! The 2020 dates are February 5th-8th, 2020 NOT January 15-18, 2020 as previously scheduled. Reno is a very SCI friendly venue. Begin making plans soon.

The plans have been finalized. It’s time to sign-up for the 30th Annual Clays Outing & Picnic. Go to our website sciwi.org for more information and sign-up for this great event. This year we will be returning to The Highlands in Cascade, WI. This is a special event which has great food and fellowship during the Summer. I hope to see you there.

Lastly, don’t forget to sign-up for the Thursday, May 16th membership meeting. We will be having our annual director’s election during the meeting.

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