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SCI Wisconsin has had a long standing tradition of raising money in order to give back and preserve what we love so much, hunting. Over the past 44 years, SCI Wisconsin has raised $3,487,670 from various fundraising projects and donations. Our organization gives back to areas that focus on education, humanitarian efforts, hunters’ rights, and conservation. We support many local area organizations as well as supporting the efforts of SCI National. We have helped with funding scholarships, the National Archery in the Schools Program, Hunts for Disabled & Terminally Ill Children, All Terrain Wheelchairs to be used at hunting events, Summer Camp sponsorships, and more.

Our greatest commitment over the years was to the Boy Scouts of America Potowatomi Council Shooting Sports Complex at Camp Long Lake. Initially, SCI Wisconsin committed $63,000 (in 2010) for the development of rifle and pistol ranges. This project included construction of an open sided shelter for shooting, staging and storage over a concrete slab. Earth berms, fencing and electrical installations were also constructed. In 2011, an additional $53,000 was approved and paid in five annual installments. This phase included the development of a shotgun 5-stand, skeet and trap range area. This project included a trap house, two skeet towers, concrete paths and shooting stands, mechanical throwers, lighting and fencing. Hundreds of scouts have been able to learn and practice their skills at this state-of-the-art facility.

The Big Al Fund was established in 2008 by Rick Rollo, in honor of his father Al, who was an avid hunter. Al passed away due to cancer, which cut short his sporting pursuits. Rick runs an annual pheasant hunt event to raise funds for hunting or fishing trips for physically or terminally ill children, adults or veterans. He then turns all of the proceeds over to the Wisconsin Chapter to be used exclusively towards requests that fall within Big Al’s guidelines.

Whether it be a dream hunt or fishing trip, Big Al smiles down on the hunter as he or she pursues the sport that Al so loved. Since the fund was started in 2008, it has raised over $180,000.00!!

Picture from the last Big Al Hunt.
Picture from the last Big Al Hunt.
Picture from the last Big Al Hunt.
Picture from the last Big Al Hunt.
Picture from the last Big Al Hunt.
Picture from the last Big Al Hunt.
Picture from the last Big Al Hunt.
Picture from the last Big Al Hunt.
Picture from the last Big Al Hunt.
Picture from the last Big Al Hunt.
Picture from the last Big Al Hunt.
Picture from the last Big Al Hunt.
Picture from the last Big Al Hunt.
Picture from the last Big Al Hunt.
Picture from the last Big Al Hunt.
Picture from the last Big Al Hunt.
Picture from the last Big Al Hunt.
Picture from the last Big Al Hunt.
Picture from the last Big Al Hunt.
Picture from the last Big Al Hunt.
Picture from the last Big Al Hunt.
Picture from the last Big Al Hunt.

SCI Wisconsin Chapter
Project Funding Report
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2021 Banquet Contribution
to SCI National!

  • Thank you for your generous donation of $1,000 to the WWIA. As requested, this donation will be restricted to the 6th Annual Eagle River Muskie Chal-Lunge. Your contribution is a patriotic investment in the future of our Nation's Purple Heart recipients.

    Wounded Warriors in Action John J. McDaniel, Founder
  • Thank you for your $500.00 contribution to Adaptive Sportsmen Inc., which we received in September 2020 for our Pheasant Hunt. It is greatly appreciated, and, I thank you on behalf of the people we serve. Your contribution will help us continue our mission of providing recreational opportunities for physically challenged people.

    Adaptive Sportsmen Inc Mary Mitchell, Treasurer
  • Thank you for your support of St. Augustine Preparatory Academy. Your generous donation will make a positive impact in the lives of our students. The Aug Prep family continues to grow. This fall we have nearly 1,500 students in K4–12 and over 200 staff members. Now more than ever, we need partners who share our vision and goals to provide an educational opportunity that brings students to the opportunities they deserve. We are truly grateful for your generosity and belief in their potential. Thanks you!

    Augustine Prep Abby Andrietsch, CEO
  • Thank you for your $800.00 contribution to Adaptive Sportsmen Inc., which we received in July for our annual Shooting Picnic. it is greatly appreciated, and, I thank you on behalf of the people we serve. your contribution will help us continue our mission of providing recreational opportunities for physically challenged people.

    Adaptive Sportsmen Mary Mitchell, Treasurer
  • On behalf of the Camp Y-Koda Outdoor Skills and Education Center, I would like to thank you for your continued support and generosity to our summer camp scholarship program. Your $1,000 donation provided four teens with an outdoor experience in our Hunters Education Camp that included instruction in hunter safety, kayaking, canoeing, fishing, BB gun safety, map and compass, GPS, tracking, archery, nature study, an overnight experience, survival skills and outdoor cooking. Camp Y-Koda has been fortunate to have you as a partner to build strong kids, strong families, and strong communities.

    Camp Y-Koda Outdoor Skills and Education Jeremiah Dentz, Executive Director
  • I would like to thank you for your gift to Crossways Camping Ministries. Your generosity is of vital importance to the future of Crossways Camping Ministries and to each youth and adult camper who visits one of our three sites. Each gift helps to ensure that our programs will continue to serve our Mission for many years to come. Again, thank you for your generous support in our efforts to equip people of all ages with an experience that will change lives and communities. Your gift will help us ensure that every camper or guest will be able to afford a quality camping or retreat experience.

    Crossways Camping Ministries Sharon L.S. Cook
  • I would like to thank you for your generous support of our shooting club. Your donation made it possible for our athletes to participate in 20 shooting events throughout this past year. We also expanded our club into a fall rifle shooting league where athlete shot 100-yard sporting rifle class. Now that our competition season is over, our club is focusing on 2020 trapshooting season hosting 5th thru 12th grade students to compete in the trapshooting sport. Our club will also be hosting a Hunter Safety Education in March.

    Shoreland Lutheran Shooting Club Coach Mark Goessl
  • Veterans Afield U.A. would like to thank you for all your support this past year and looking forward to working with you again this year. This past year was very challenging as the weather was not always our best friend, particularly in late October and early November. The weather did not stop our hardy disabled veterans from participating in our events. We had (6) trap shoots, our annual youth shoot followed by (7) combined tower and field shoots. We had our disabled veterans participating (214) times. We had a fundraiser in Campbellsport in April, participated at Polish Fest in June along with another fundraiser at Wild Wings Sportsmans Club. Thank you for giving our disabled veterans an opportunity to do something that they thought they would never be able to do again. I will be sending out our (202) schedule shortly showing our scheduled (21) events for this year. We are looking for your input and support for this year. Thank you once again.

    Veterans Afield U.A. Patrick D. Horvath, President
  • Thank you so much for your $250 check to help with our recent youth pheasant hunt in Montello, Wi at the Lone Oak Gun Club! We took 17 young hunters out and everyone shot a bird! We look forward to next year's hunt, and expect 25 to 30 hunters. Hopefully we can get funding for our 2020 hunt from SCI if funds are available for this year. Thank you again for helping get our youth out to hunt.

    Montello Rod and Gun Club Rich Freeland, Youth Pheasant Hunt Chairman
  • Thank you so much. Your generosity is going to make it possible for us to have an archery component with our PE program at our high school. Hunting is a big part of our school's culture. As you know, the more connected our kids are to school, the better they learn. Additionally this will expose a number of students to this great past time—kids who might not experience archery outside of school.

    Westby Area School District
  • As the sun sets on another year we want to thank you for being a part of our CNR family.

    University of Wisconsin-Stevens Point College of Natural Resources Christine Thomas
  • On behalf of New Hope Christian School, I want to thank you for the generous grant to help us kick start our PE Archery Program & Archery Club! The kids are excited to begin this new adventure!

    NHCS Jared Preuitt, PE Teacher
  • Thank you so much Wisconsin SCI for your unwavering support of the NASP program in our schools! Your grant contribution helped us to double our NASP supplies and is allowing me to teach archery not only as a club activity, but as a part of my physics class (as seen in the attached pictures). The archery addition to our physics class has helped my students really understand physics concepts because they are actually seeing the science of archery in action! We will be starting our NASP unit soon in my wildlife management class, and I will send additional images of that.

    Random Lake High School Natalie Weeks
  • Thanks for helping us purchase an archery backdrop. As soon as our season resume I hope to have more pictures to share.
    Iowa County 4-H Amanda Koss, Shooting Sports Superintendent/Certified Archery and Air Rifle Instructor
  • Thanks SCI Wisconsin Chapter! The event was a huge success, we took eight physically challenged hunters out pheasant hunting and had a blast!

    Adaptive Sportsmen John Martinson
  • Thank you for your $800 contribution to Adaptive Sportsmen Inc., which we received in August 2019 for the annual shooting picnic. It is greatly appreciated, and, I thank you on behalf of the people we serve. Your contribution will help us continue our mission of providing recreational opportunities for physically challenged people.

    Adaptive Sportsmen Mary Mitchell, Treasurer
  • The Iowa County 4-H Shooting Sports would like to thank you for helping us purchase our archery backdrop!

    Iowa County 4-H
  • We cannot begin to thank you enough for your generous donation of $3000.00 which was used towards our Port Washington Salmon Fishing Event that was held on June 14–15 2019. Because of your Generous Donation you helped several children make many memories. Words cannot describe how meaningful it is that you have opened your heart and resources to make a difference in the lives of those much less fortunate. Without kind-hearted folks like you, we would not be able to grant so many wishes for the children and Veterans.

    United Special Sportsman Alliance Annette Johnson, Executive Assistant
  • Thank you for your support for the Thorp Cardinal Archery Club from the Archers and Coaches. The donation will be used to buy bows, arrows, cases and targets. We will hang the banner at the school and at our 1st Annual Tournament (Cardinal Shootout) next February.

    Thorp Cardinal Archery Club Coach Paul
  • We would like to Thank You SOOO much for the generous donation of the $1000.00. We held a Trap Shooting event on May 31st and June 1st and well over $2,000 for our club. Between your generous donation and this event, we were able to attend a number of trap tournaments at a much lower cost to our students and the Nationals will be well attended by our team on July 14 thru 21, 2019. Our shooters are getting quite excited. There are even a few past shooters who will be attending the Nationals as well.

    Wauwatosa East West Trap Shooting Club Ginny Stockinger
  • We recently attended AWLS in Wyoming. We wanted to say thank you so much for your generous sponsorship. We had an amazing time learning about conservation, wild life and stream ecology, shooting (hand guns, rifles, and shotguns), archery and rafting. Oh, Ah! My favorites were learning how hunters contribute to conservation and the classroom role play/debates on hunting ethics as well as archery.

    Kathy & Nicole
  • I would like to thank you from the bottom of my heart for helping with the 2019 Random Lake Conservation Fair! Without support from amazing people like you, these kinds of events would not be possible. With all of the help we received in donations, guest speakers, and booths we attracted an estimated 350 youth and adults to the event and raised a little over $1,400. The money we raised was donated to two local conservation and wildlife centric organizations.

    Random Lake School District Natalie Salkowski, Instructor
  • Thank you so much for supporting the SJN Trap & Clays Team with your generous gift of $1,000 for shooting expenses. Donations like yours make all the difference in allowing us to accomplish our goals. Please know that your decision to support St. John's Northwestern Military Academy will have a lasting impact on the quality of teaching and learning that takes place here and will contribute in innumerable ways to our growing reputation.

    SJN Trap & Clays Team Cindy A. Trione, Director of Donor Relations and Special Events
  • On behalf of Safari Club International Foundation, I would like to thank you for the Wisconsin Chapter's generous gift of $41,000 to benefit the AWLS Cabin Project, received on May 15, 2019. Your commitment to SCI Foundation's mission of funding and directing programs dedicated to wildlife conservation and outdoor education is sincerely appreciated.

    Safari Club International Foundation Kimberly Byers, Development Specialist
  • Thank you again for your continued support of our students. Your generosity allowed us to award $218,944.50 to 236 worthy students!

    Christine Thomas Dean, UW Stevens Poin
  • Your gracious giving is greatly appreciated and needed, as it is a vital part in supporting the Christian education Shoreland Lutheran High School provides. Your thoughtful donation was put into SHoreland's Trap Shooting Club Account.

    Paul Scriver President, Shoreland Lutheran High School
  • We are so grateful for your continued support to our organization. This donation means so much to our students.   Fees for the tournaments are additional charges to our students.  This donation will allow more students the opportunity to participate. We will keep you updated on how well our students do at them. We sent a couple students last year to Nationals.  I think word got out about what an experience it was.  I know there is plenty of interest in more attending. Again,  THANK YOU SO MUCH for this very generous donation.

    Ginny Stockinger Wauwatosa East/West Trap Shooting Team
  • Thank you for your generous donation. We are very excited to use the money to positively impact our schools archery program.

    Eric Hoefler New Holstein School District, Physical Education
  • We would like to once again thank you so much for the very generous donation you gave to our team last year. We did purchase the Dry Fire System which is being used for our Trap Shooters this year. This system is a new concept for our squad and it has been taking a while for them to get use to but for the beginners, we feel this is certainly the right route to take with them. Our more skilled shooters are gradually adjusting (no kick back from the gun). We are hoping that you would be willing to donate to our team again this year. Since trap shooting is and expensive sport, we have chosen to use the monies received for tournament fees and expenses. We are planning to go to Nationals again this year and hope that the donation will allow more of our students the opportunity to attend.

    Ginny Stockinger Wauwatosa East West Trap Shooting Team, Fundraiser
  • Veterans Afield U.A. would like to take this opportunity to thank you for your thoughtfulness this year in supporting our disabled veterans with your generous $1000.00 donation. We have (18) events scheduled for our disabled veterans this year, and without organizations such as yours, these events would not be possible including our annual youth shoot. We look forward to continuing our program and fulfilling our schedule for this year.

    Patrick D. Horvath Veterans Afield, President
  • I can’t thank you enough for the NASP donation. My physical education students absolutely love this unit. It’s the first time we’ve offered archery in over 20 years. There are 80 students using the equipment.

    West Bend High School
  • SCI members, Thank you for your generous donation thru the 'Big Al Fund'. We are a nonprofit, 100% volunteer program for Wisconsin veterans and appreciate your donation. All funds are used for hunting, fishing and camping trips for veterans who enjoy and need the chance to get away from their everyday problems. Helping them to interact with other veterans who share their experiences is very beneficial to their well being. We feel this is a very important part of healing and making veterans feel that we, as the public, appreciate their sacrifices for us. Thank you for helping make this possible.

    Wounded Warriors United Wisconsin Otto Reetz, President
  • On behalf of Raised at Full Draw, I would like to thank you for your generous contribution given in 2018 for the amount of $1,000. Your financial support helps us continue in our mission to provide a camp experience unlike any other. With focus on the values, vision, and virtues at the center of how we have raised our own, these bowhunting camps teach children across the country some of life's great lessons through outdoor living and hunting skills.

    Raised at Full Draw
  • Thank you for the funds to support our archery program at school. We will put it to good use and it is greatly appreciated!

    Trina Burn Northland Pines Elementary, Physical Educator
  • Thank you so much for the donation of $1000 for the start up of our archery summer school program.  Your donations will help purchase equipment to set up a safe range for our students.  Attached you will find the press release and pictures that were sent to the West Bend Daily News.  Once again thank you. 

    Jerry Halopka Kewaskum Schools
  • The students and I want to send out a sincere thank you for the help of the SCI Wisconsin Chapter for the generous help with our NASP Archery Grant. Without your generous support, I would not have been able to afford to add archery to my high school physical education curriculum. The students are extremely excited to shoot the bows! It is great organizations like you that help me educate the youth and public on conservation, hunting, and lifetime activities like archery. Thank you!

    Adam Stenner Viroqua High School
  • On behalf of the School Board and Kenosha Unified School District, I would like to take this opportunity to express sincere appreciation to you for the donation of $1,000 to Reuther Central High School. The donation is to be used to purchase archery supplies. We are publicly acknowledging your generosity by acknowledging your donation on our website at We greatly appreciate your generosity and concern for the children of the District.

    Dr. Sue Savaglio-Jarvis Kenosha Unified School District, Superintendent
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