Sitka Black Bear Hunt for 1 – $7,500

Description:  7 Day 2×1 Sitka Black Bear Hunt for 1 hunter. Black bear make for an exciting and challenging hunt. All hunts are fair chase, spot and stalk. Wolf is available at no charge. Field and trophy prep included.

Donor:  Alaska Raven Guides LLC

Location:  Sitka, Alaska

Dates:  April 21 – 27, 2019 ONLY

Transportation:  Boat

Accommodation:  Floating lodge. Enjoy your stay aboard Alaska Raven Guides’ vessel.

Weapon/Gear:  Rifle/Muzzleloader/Bow

Additional Details:  Package does not include non resident preservation fund fee ($150), license ($170), tag ($450) and tax ($420). Available to upgrade to Brown Bear. Contact outfitter for prices. Additional hunters welcome and encouraged to come for ($7,500). Bring an observer for ($300). Reference: Jeff Miller shot a 9′ 4″ Black Grizzly.