The donation is for the duration of 8 days. The 8 hunting days will be on concessions of Africa Maximum Safaris in the North west Province of South Africa. Accommodation will be at Africa Maximum Safaris main camp. If trophies are taken early, client will not be required to suspend the duration of 8 days the hunt is for. The hunt may be upgraded, either extra hunters or observers at normal rates (as per price list), extra trophies to be hunted, extra days booked either on hunting or touring, as client wishes to tailor the package. Please consult with the outfitter on any upgrades to the package. Trophies donated –Cape Buffalo x 1 and Kudu x 1. Trophies to be shared
by the hunters. Hunters can upgrade the hunt to take a Cape Buffalo @ $ 9,000.00. This is at a 40% discount from our normal listed price. Please contact the outfitter to book the upgrades in advance.

Included in the donation is field preparation of trophies, dipping and shipping is not included in the donation. Weapons to be used: Rifle only – 375 caliber and bigger. The limitation on the ammunition is 200 rounds per gun. Alternative weapon to bring is a shotgun for bird shooting. An export permit from the United States is required to bring any weapons in to South Africa. At South African Customs the gun owner will supply necessary
import permit on which a temporary firearm license will be issued.

Schedule hunt between March 1 – November 30, 2022/2023. All transportation during the hunt is included and done by vehicle. Lodging, meals and non-alcoholic beverages are also included. Arrive and depart from Johannesburg or Tambo International Airport. Client may choose to charter to the hunt camp for additional cost. This donation excludes the arrival and departure day costs, which consist of the airport transfer fee and accommodations on the arrival night ($220 per person). This is a non-negotiable charge.

Hunters cannot use 2 donation hunt packages in the same calendar year or back to back. The package is not a hunt credit and cannot be exchanged towards another package or species included in the package or exchanged towards other species or activities. The package will be used as specified. Any additions will be charged at the regular price list for the year the hunt is taken. The conditions as stipulated in the package is binding and final.

Outfitter: Africa Maximum Safaris

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