Spanish Red Deer, Fallow Deer, or Iberian Mouflon Sheep Hunt with Sightseeing for 1 – $4,100

4 day, 1 x 1 guided hunt for Spanish Red Deer, Fallow Deer, or Iberian Mouflon Sheep. This package includes trophy fees for one animal, professional hunter guide interpreter, transportation during the program, reception at the airport and clearance of guns, all medal surcharges, a welcome dinner at Eduardo and Paloma Araoz’s home, accommodations at our 16th century lodge near a 200 B.C. Roman water dam in the vicinity of the Imperial City of Toledo, sightseeing program for the non-hunting companion every day and all meals served with Spanish wines, and all drinks.

The successful bidder is responsible for the daily rate at $700 for the hunter and $430 for the non-hunter for all four days. The trip does not include export permits ($180 per trophy), hunting license ($280), and VAT tax 21% of total hunt value. Hunter may upgrade to extend the duration of the trip to hunt additional species including 4 types of Spanish Ibex ($8,100 each), Cantabrian Chamois ($4,400), Pyrenean Chamois ($4,400), Roe Deer ($4,300), Barbary Sheep ($6,150). Prices are based on an exchange rate of $1.20/1 Euro and will be adjusted if it goes beyond it.

This hunt may also be combined with 3 days of VIP Driven Red Legged Partridges at the Ventosilla Castle and Estate, located very close to the imperial city of Toledo. Please talk to Eduardo Araoz for available shooting dates.

Donor: Cazatur Spain