Texas Free Range Aoudad Hunt – $1,250

3 day, 1 x 1 guided Aoudad Ewe hunt for 1 hunter. Arrange with outfitter to schedule trip in 2022. Hunt may be taken in an alternative year as agreed upon with outfitter. Hunt may be upgraded to Aoudad Ram & can include any additional animals per price list. See the exotics brochure. An Aoudad Ram is $5,750 for any size trophy. Non-hunters may come for $160 per day. Package includes lodging, meals, and non-alcoholic beverages. Hunter must secure license ($48) over the counter. Method of take is a rifle. Fly into San Antonio and then drive to the ranch in Rocksprings (transportation to the ranch is not included).

Our ranches in Rocksprings, Texas adjoin 125 square miles of un-hunted country and provide without question the best free ranging Aoudad hunt you will find. In the mountains and canyons we have protein feeders running on a year round basis that not only guarantee a healthy population of animals, but average sizes exceed anyone else in the business. The hunting method is primarily a spot and stock in rugged canyon country and on ridges. It is also possible to sit on the side of a canyon overlooking one of the feeders.

To keep the population under control, we have a quota to harvest a given number of Aoudad females every year. They are as challenging as a hunt for a ram, they just don’t quite match up in the the horn sizes to the big rams (females have horns). Other animals can be harvested for a trophy fee while you are on this hunt. All meals, lodging, guides, trophy preparation with a very comfortable lodge facility including air conditioning and satellite TV are part of your package. Additional hunters may join the successful bidder at the brochure price. The season is open year round; however, we do not hunt for the female Aoudad during the months of September and October during their rut. This is a very exciting free-range hunt and one of the most overlooked in North American hunting and it is a good value as well.

Donor: Hunting Adventures International