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By joining Safari Club International, you take an active role in the fight to preserve the hunting heritage enjoyed by millions. Your support for “First For Hunters” will go a long way in the efforts to protect the freedom to hunt for all sportsmen and sportswomen, now and for the future. To request more information, from the Wisconsin Chapter, click the Contact Page and submit your question. Life Memberships are also available. Visit for additional SCI National and International Membership information.

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SCI National Membership is required to become a Wisconsin Chapter Member

SCI National Membership benefits include: Bi-monthly Safari magazine, Monthly Safari Times newspaper, Awards Program, SCI Record Book entries and entrance to the annual SCI Convention. The Wisconsin Chapter Membership benefits include: Bi-Monthly Hunters Magazine, invitations to the monthly events that would include membership meetings, a Sporting Clays Event, a Christmas Party, the annual Big Game Hunters Grand Banquet and the right to vote on those items submitted to the general Wisconsin Chapter membership.

Membership Benefits



Bi-monthly Safari magazine
Monthly Safari Times newspaper

Awards Program

SCI Record Book Entries
Entrance to the annual SCI Convention

Wisconsin Chapter


Bi-monthly Hunters magazine
Monthly Newsletter


Membership Meetings
Sporting Clays Event
Christmas Party
Annual Big Game Hunters Grand Banquet

Charitable Organization

All profits go to local hunting and youth sports activities.

Hunting Education
Support Your Way Of Life

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