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Raising money in order to give back
and preserve what we love so much, hunting

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SCI Wisconsin has had a long standing tradition of raising money in order to give back and preserve what we love so much, hunting. Over the past 44 years, SCI Wisconsin has raised $3,487,670 from various fundraising projects and donations. Our organization gives back to areas that focus on education, humanitarian efforts, hunters’ rights, and conservation. We support many local area organizations as well as supporting the efforts of SCI National. We have helped with funding scholarships, the National Archery in the Schools Program, Hunts for Disabled & Terminally Ill Children, All Terrain Wheelchairs to be used at hunting events, Summer Camp sponsorships, and more.

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Our greatest commitment over the years was to the Boy Scouts of America Potowatomi Council Shooting Sports Complex at Camp Long Lake. Initially, SCI Wisconsin committed $63,000 (in 2010) for the development of rifle and pistol ranges. This project included construction of an open sided shelter for shooting, staging and storage over a concrete slab. Earth berms, fencing and electrical installations were also constructed. In 2011, an additional $53,000 was approved and paid in five annual installments. This phase included the development of a shotgun 5-stand, skeet and trap range area. This project included a trap house, two skeet towers, concrete paths and shooting stands, mechanical throwers, lighting and fencing. Hundreds of scouts have been able to learn and practice their skills at this state-of-the-art facility.

The Big Al Fund was established in 2008 by Rick Rollo, in honor of his father Al, who was an avid hunter. Al passed away due to cancer, which cut short his sporting pursuits. Rick runs an annual pheasant hunt event to raise funds for hunting or fishing trips for physically or terminally ill children, adults or veterans. He then turns all of the proceeds over to the Wisconsin Chapter to be used exclusively towards requests that fall within Big Al’s guidelines.

Whether it be a dream hunt or fishing trip, Big Al smiles down on the hunter as he or she pursues the sport that Al so loved. Since the fund was started in 2008, it has raised over $180,000.00!!

SCI Wisconsin Chapter 2020-2021 Project Funding Report

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